Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tea Party Movie Screening Enjoyed by ALL!

Thanks to the 44 Patriots who attended our free Tea Party Movie screening, we have doubled our attendance since our organizational meeting, just three weeks ago. Please take a few moments to comment and share your impressions of the movie.

Thank you to everyone who adjusted their schedules to accomodate our time change and to the Morehead City Tea Party Patriots for driving our direction this time! Special thanks to Roma and Edith for so graciously donating their portion of our raffle back to help build our operating funds.

Our next event will be Saturday, March 27, Carolina Pines (Township Six) fire station -- a hugely FUN (with a purpose...) sign-making party. Which you will need if you plan to attend a local Tax Day Tea Party Protest or the DC Protest. If you can't attend an April 15th protest, you can still join us in our sign-making. Just send your creation out with another protester.

Watch this blog for start time. Plan to bring posters, markers, creativity and enthusiasm. We'll cover calendar and basic business items, too.

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