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Observations from the Netherlands, Read Last Man Standing (top tab) First

Received this from a friend on the west coast. Yes, there ARE conservatives on the other coast. The letter below is from his friend who lives in the Netherlands and was replying to questions whether the Islamic threat is as dire as we perceive it to be. The answers and observations should be chilling to the entire world. May I recommend Jihad Watch as an exceptional source of information. Issues you will never see reported in the MSM, even though the express goal is to turn Europe into Eurasia. Perhaps Patriots 28560 needs to add National Security to our core values.

Observations from the Netherlands.

... But will now at long last focus on Geert Wilders' observations.

Your question: Is it this dire? My anwer: Very much so, or perhaps even worse. Lots and lots of new 'incidents' since November, I absolutely share your worries...

Here a link to a February 5th 2010 YouTube-posting by Pat Condell on the courtcase against Geert Wilders, pretty much for saying nothing else than Winston Churchill already said more than half a century ago. Pat has a way of putting things, I can't find fault in any of it though:

And here a link to a clip from February 11th 2010. Even though it is in Dutch, you should be clearly able to register what's happening. A Dutch TV-crew was doing a piece in the Belgian capital Brussels, where cops had been severely injured after they were shot at with AK47s in what is considered a 'Muslim-part-of-town-hence-no-go-area'. The Dutch crew witnessed how two Belgian policemen try to arrest a suspected pickpocketer, who is then set free by his comrades. No, in Amsterdam, Brussels or Paris the police is not allowed to use their guns for anything other than direct self(!)-life-threatening situations, because that would clearly only escalate things... Letting people get away with in NO way respecting the law is what it comes down to day in and day out for most people patrolling our capitals, as well as in more and more smaller cities. Anyway, when the youth that has just overpowered the police spots the Dutch TV-crew, they obviously come after them. Needless to say the police can't do much about that, cause THEIR lives ar not at stake. What was this Dutch crew thinking in the first place? Did they have the idea they were in a free country or so??? What REALLY might interest you though, is that as far as I know this was NOT (I repeat, NOT!!!) aired on the Dutch news. Of course not, as a TV-station you run the very serious risk of being pursued for 'fuelling tensions' of 'spreading hatred' when bringing this up, just like Geert Wilders had the unnerving guts to do...

What is more, most Dutch media are incredibly heavily sponsored by Dutch government, and have NO interest in bringing this news, in spite of any high ratings, as it will only increase the strength of Geert Wilders' party, that wants to put an end to all this taxpayer's money going to TV-stations and newspapers that have been spinning the news for years and years, which probably put us in the position we're in in the first place. What these media have been doing for so long is ridiculizing everybody who expressed discomfort with massive immigration and following everyday challenges in people's personal experience. People were put down as 'peasants' or even 'racists' when not in full support of spending millions and millions of euros on 'multi-culturalism-projects'. A gigantic political elite profited from these initiatives, because that's where they got all their jobs from. So, no surprise that people whose income depends on government spendings are in favor of a bigger government to run more projects, in stead of really dealing with issues. Remember Pim Fortuyn? For saying this out loud he was well on his way to, out of nowhere, run the brandnew yet instant biggest political party and become the Dutch prime minister, until he was successfully vilified by this leftist political establishment annex media and shot dead.

Fortunately Geert Wilders seems to have learned from how the media treated Pim Fortuyn, as well as Geert Wilders and Ayaan Hirsi Alli (how dared they all say anything not so nice about islam?!) and challenges the political establishment around their stance BIG-time. In last Monday's live-TV political debate about coming municipal elections, he dared the leader of one of the Christian parties in our present government to say that he sees islam-culture as equal to Christian culture. Bare in mind that Geert is NOW prosecuted for stating he does NOT see those as equal. Of course the leader of the 'Christian Union' evaded answering Geert's direct question at all.

Another recent 'surprise' for the Dutch media establishment happened when a famous Dutch lawyer was invited on a TV-show to more or less help ridiculize Geert Wilders after the first day of his trial in court. The showhost (of this fully taxmoney paid official national broadcasting service!) asked the laywer to comment on Geert Wilders' statement that the quran is just as evil as Hitler's book Mein Kampf (another part of what he is prosecuted for, even though Churchill said it before him). As usual the TV-host did not state facts, yet already started to put words in the lawyer's mouth. Upon which the lawyer responded with: "Well, actually, if you read what the quran for instance says about dealing with jews, Hitler could learn more than a thing or two from that...", indicating that the quran at some points was actually worse. The TV-host did not know how quickly to totally change the subject.

What finally DID get some media attention the last couple of weeks here in the Netherlands, is how often entire Moroccon families threaten and beat up hospital staff (and ambulance crew, etc. etc.) when not immediately dropping everything else they're doing upon arrival of Moroccon patients. To be honest though, the debate was more about how relevant is was to say these families were Moroccon, which was indeed left out of the first couple of reports. One (one!) website brought the issue up. No worries, it wasn't a big thing in the news, it just caught my attention because one local newspaper against all odds actually wrote on what had happened in the hospital where my sister-in-law was recently treated for heart failure. After a Moroccon woman was brought in and examination taught the doctors there was nothing they could do for her anymore, her family physically forced the doctors to continue CPR. Because that of course seriously jeopardized the lives of other people in the hospital who the doctors then could not attend to, the police was called (with the all too common violence against doctors alone nobody would have probably even bothered). So, what did the police do after showing up? NOTHING! Because, as usual, they were vastly outnumbered. Using weapons or calling for reinforcements could have escalated matters, so in accordance with police policy, the doctors were left to figure things out themselves. And afterwards? The police stated there was nothing they could do about it because the individual doctors were not willing to press charges. Now the National Board of Hospital Matters are looking into (...) the question whether Hospital Management can press charges when personally threatened staff doesn't.

Already one day later (really!) something quite similar happened in another hospital. Two Moroccon youngsters who were fleeing from the police after some robbery ('funnily' enough in Paris most of the riots have broken out over exactly this fact, that the police dared to chase guys, which could obviously pose a serious health risk for these poor young men), wounded themselves when hitting and in the process killing (!!!) a pedestrian. Their 'friends' who came to the hospital in droves (such police brutality!) again physically forced hospital staff to attend to these poor guys' needs better. And yet again not much the police did/dared to/could do about it. Then a local newspaper reporter who intended to write about it (national newspapers have stopped worrying about this a long time ago), was threatened himself, upon which the newspaper decided to drop the whole thing and also NOT press charges. When the beforementioned website wrote about this, the newspaper launched an investigation... to find who had so-called endangered the reporter's life by 'leaking' to this website AND to see if they could press charges against the website! The website's logical response was that the newspaper management had endangered lives themselves by not immediately alerting the police of what had taken place in the newspaper's office and having these kids arrested/charged before they got into the habit of robbing, killing and threatening even more people.

Just like last year, when public transport busdrivers almost lost their jobs after refusing to go into certain areas of some provincial town after repeatedly having been mugged there by Moroccon youth, the debate here is STILL focused much more on whether the media who include the fact that perpetrators are of Moroccon descent, are guilty themselves of 'fuelling tensions' and 'spreading hatred' or not, than the apparently long accepted fact of what happens on a daily basis.

However, in spite of Geert Wilders' alarming yet commonly shared observations, WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT?????

In my humble opinion the problem has little to do with religion or race or anything else that has been socially more or less accepted as an excuse for blaming anybody but yourself for not making the most of life with respect for the law and everybody else who works hard to do just that. What I have learned from my years of working intensely with people from war-torn areas on this planet, is that aggression and following violence is not stopped, but encouraged by treating groups of people as 'victims' that supposedly cannot take care of themselves like everybody else around them is expected to, entitling them to more government attention and help than people who make government help possible in the first place by paying loads of taxes. Please watch the following video and try explaining to me how the guy who throws the first punch apparently ends up being the victim in stead of the aggressor???

Looking forward to hear from you again,

best regards,

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