Thursday, February 11, 2010

Coordinating With Morehead City Tea Party Patriots

Lillian and I attended Morehead City Tea Party Patriots Tuesday evening meeting. I counted 41 in attendance, we had heard that they were ready to outgrow Cox Restaurant, and they are! Hope we can create as much excitement and success with our new group. Of those in attendance, fully half had made the trek to DC for the 912 March. That event was my first experience with the MC Tea Party Patriots and I'm very glad I found them.

We provided their members a brief overview of who we are, how many were at our first meeting, and expressed our desire to coordinate for local and national events. We hope to have quite a few MC TPPs join us at our FREE Tea Party Movie screening. They're hard at work on their April 15th rally and will likely show the movie after that event. We invited their members to come see it with us, then take friends and see it again in Morehead City. It's that good, you will want to see it again, and share with family and friends.

An update for the Tax Day DC rally: Freedom Works will host the 2010 Tax Day Tea Party, links in the column to the right for more information. New poll posted to determine interest, link at top of page.

CLICK HERE to review one option, to travel with the Informed Voters of North Carolina. If anyone has an affiliation with this group, or knows the founders, please email us (link in left column) or leave a comment. There is a PayPal link to pay $70 to reserve a bus seat, but I don't recommend doing so til we can get more information about the organization. I'll also be contacting Dallas Woodhouse, Americans for Prosperity, to see if AFP is planning anything for April 15 and if he'll commit buses to New Bern.

Please be sure to answer our poll and let us know if you'll be traveling with us to DC April 15th. And please subscribe to our eMails. It's the best way for us to keep you up-to-date on events and any changes in meeting times or location. We hope to have such an overwhelming response to the Tea Party Movie that we'll have to change to a larger venue.

And please use the convenient Share buttons and let everyone know about Patriots 28560.

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