Monday, November 7, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Pushes Grandmother Down Stairs at Americans for Prosperity Defending the Dream Summit

I was fortunate to attend the Defending the American Dream summit two years ago but was unable to attend this year. My husband and I have had many conversations about the risk involved in participating in any TEA Party, Patriots or conservative event. And now it has happened. This violence will only escalate during the next 364 days. As law-abiding patriots our only recourse is to effect change at the ballot box. If you're not certain if you should become involved, then this video should be the catalyst to take action. Those who oppose the American Dream, who oppose freedom, who work toward socialism... will try and intimidate us with their rhetoric and with their actions. We must not be deterred by fear.

Monday, October 10, 2011


One hundred years of attacks have damaged the U.S. Constitution, but Americans can return the nation's governing document to its traditional role of guaranteeing limited government based on the rule of law.
Experts from the John Locke Foundation and N.C. History Project will share that perspective Saturday, Oct. 29, during a Citizen's Constitutional Workshop in New Bern. Titled "What the Founders and the State Ratification Conventions Can Teach Us Today," the event lasts from 9:30 a.m to 3 p.m at the Fire Station 109 Carolina Pines Boulevard.
The $8.00 registration fee includes lunch. The price is $4 for students. Patriots 28560 is hosting the event.
Register of this upcoming workshop at For further information call: Lillian 252-633-2737 or Sara 252-636-0069

Monday, September 12, 2011

Speech by Oskar Freysinger in Berlin September 3, 2011

Transcript from The Blaze:

Berlin is worth a trip. Especially today. Especially here. Because here and now an important signal is being given to the peoples of Europe. The signal for a European Spring! To offset the autumn mood in the EU. So that, instead of the mood of doom, finally a mood of awakening will come. An awakening in the name of freedom!

Yes, yes, cherished FREIHEIT! That is also the name of the party here in Germany that offers an alternative to bureaucratism, centralism, loss of democracy, uncontrolled immigration and Islamization. An alternative to self-destruction. 

My dear Berlin friends, I come to you today as a neighbor. And as a concerned friend.

Since I am a citizen of a small country which is put under greater and greater pressure by the EU, it is near to my heart to support the truly democratic forces in the EU conglomerate. Only if these forces prevail can I hope that the Great Power pretensions of the EU will be abandoned and its relationship to Switzerland will at last be shaped in the way it should be between civilized and respectful neighbors.

Freedom is one of the democratic forces I count on. But why does the EU exert this kind of massive pressure — economically, financially and politically — on my country? Is it arrogance? Greed? Envy? All of those may apply, but the true reason lies deeper.

The EUSSR will no longer tolerate the existence of a small country in the heart of the continent, whose people still want to decide their own fate. A prudent, little bit of a folk that has thus far withstood the over-indebtedness which is playing hell with the states reined in by globalization.

For that is the goal of all global financial institutions and international monetary funds: The weakening of nation-states in order to lead them to their dubious “good fortune.” The wealth of peoples is destroyed en masse, so that the weakened states can be reduced to willing agents of a global dogma.

We Swiss hate every form of paternalism! We want no patronizing, no foreign judges! Our citizens are independent and imaginative enough to take their fate into their own hands.

Just picture this: On the southern border of Germany is a country in which 53% of the people have voted for deportation of criminal aliens; a land in which every minor rise in the VAT must be approved by referendum. Who is surprised that the VAT is still at 8% in Switzerland while it has reached 20% in the EU?

A study by the French economic expert Yvan Blot demonstrates that where state affairs are voted on directly and democratically, the rates of duties and taxes are on average 30% lower than where state affairs are decided exclusively on administrative and policy grounds.

We watch our own wallets more carefully than other people’s money. There lies the future of the continent. Not in further expansion of a bureaucratic and centralized monster that will one day swallow its own children.

In Switzerland, the power is still in the hands of the people. We Helvetians were able to vote on entry to the EU… and wisely looked the other way. In retrospect, this decision has proven to be a great good fortune. 

How did that work in Germany? Elites distanced from the people decided for the people. The same elite who introduced the euro, which, at one blow, caused a 30% loss of purchasing power for the average German citizen.

In Switzerland, the possible introduction of the euro had to be approved by the people. You can just picture the result.

Of course, the strong Franc would then be no problem for our export economy, but we would be stuck in the euro trap like the others and would have to bleed financially for a completely broken-down statist system, just as the German taxpayer has been doing for years. Better to stay flexible and economically independent.

Direct democracy means that the optional or obligatory referendum underlies every law proposed by parliament, and nothing can be decided over the heads of the people. Direct democracy means that determined citizens can launch initiatives with 100,000 signatures, which must be put before the people. This gives political decisions much greater legitimacy than the usual parliamentary resolutions. No one in Switzerland would think of questioning a decision by referendum which was approved by 50-70%. What the people have decided is valid and everyone has to adhere to that, Period. Even the administration. Especially the administration.

That is how it was with the famous/notorious anti-minaret initiative in which I was the anti-muezzin. 58% of the Swiss population decided in November, 2009 to prevent the occupation of public space by the dominating symbols of a religious dogma.

This decision by the last free population in Europe had a signal effect. In its wake, decisions were made about the veiling of women in France and Belgium and the construction of a Saudi-financed giant mosque in Norway was prevented. The dhimmi attitude of Europeans sustained a wound which must not heal over, if the millennia-old European civilization is to survive.

For Europe is more than a plot of land, more than a continent, more than the sum of its countries. Europe is an idea, a cultural landscape, an intellectual space shaped by history. Europa is the cradle of the modern constitutional state, the treasure-house of human rights, of freedom of opinion and expression.

This is ever more strongly endangered by the possibility that our political elite will bend their necks before a religious dogma that is alien to our intellectual history, our values and our constitutional state. This dogma is gnawing away at the pillars of our system of laws, wherever it is allowed some space.

This dogma demands total obedience from its followers. They are in no case to integrate into our value system. That would be like treason and can even be punished with death. They are expected to conquer our intellectual home, make the Western world subject. Not with tanks, rockets or riflemen. Not through brutal revolution.

No, Islam is in no hurry. It has an eternity.

A long process of softening up and leisurely occupation of our weakening, child-poor society is foreseen.

The Islamic doctrine is expected to gradually creep into everyday life and Fortress Europe will crumble from within. Just think of how the Serbs lost Kosovo. Through demographic development and the help of NATO, which brought about the founding of the first Islamic state on European ground. What an ominous sign. The Islamic dogma is succeeding everywhere. In Turkey, the Islamists are gradually occupying all judicial and army posts, in order to obliterate the heritage of Kemal Atatürk. Lebanon will become an Islamic state in the next decades, The Arab Spring is on the point of being taken over by the Islamists. In Iraq, in Egypt and in Pakistan, the last Christian communities are facing extinction,

And what are we doing? We are allowing this violent doctrine, unhindered in cultural ghettos, to strain at toppling the nation of laws. We just shrug our shoulders when girls are forced into marriage and Muslims willing to integrate are pressured and threatened. When women are beaten and whole city districts are taken over, we look the other way.

We believe we can soften the power hunger of the holy warriors with welfare money. We believe we can buy peace! What lunacy! No one fingers the Prophet’s beard. Fanatics cannot be bought. Germany should know that better than any other country in the world.

My dear friends in the audience, we are not fighting against people, we are fighting for people! We are fighting against a dogma that is anathema to every aspect of humanity and would like to lead us back into barbarism. We do not intend to give up the freedom we have fought so hard for over the centuries.

Dear Berliners, here I stand, and I cannot do otherwise, lest soon no human being in this Europe will be able to take the responsibility for what represents the pillar of our culture, of our system of law and of our humanity: transcendent, unconditional love of neighbor.

If we lose this battle, there will be no second chance, for Islam does not give back what it has conquered. So I summon all the humanists of this continent not to keep their heads in the sand and to resist the Islamic dogma’s drive to conquest. Let us stand together and uncompromisingly insist upon the primacy of our civil law over any religious dogma. Let us find our way back to our precious intellectual heritage.

Islam is only as strong as we are weak.

Let us oppose it with more than McDonald’s, soap operas, stupefying TV programs and brutal video games. Our culture has so much more to offer. Let us get back to depth and endurance, to organic growth. Let us stay alert and critical, so long as even a grain of Socrates lives on in us. Let us no longer subject our spirit to the dictates of the material. Only that way can we prevent brutal power politics being spread in the name of religion. Only that way do we have chance to leave our children a peaceful Europe, shaped by respect and dignity.

Long live die Freiheit! (Long live freedom!)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Congressman Chabot, Republican, OH Directs Cameras be Confiscated at PUBLIC Town Hall Meeting

Some reports indicate the cameras were being used by democratic activists, hoping to post on YouTube to embarrass the congressman based upon his answers to constituent questions. It appears the congressman is quite competent to impeach his oath of office to, "protect and defend the Constitution" and in so doing, embarrass himself.

Much is being made by the left that it was a republican elected official who directed police to confiscate democratic activists' cameras. There was a sign posted that cameras were not allowed for security purposes, supposedly to protect the privacy of individuals attending the event. There were two film crews streaming live. The privacy canard will not work.

I do not care whether it's a liberal, conservative or Martian visitor who holds the camera. It is a public building. The congressman is paid with taxpayers' money. It is not against the law to film a public event. If this illegal restriction is being employed against the left, it will also be used against Constitutional Conservatives.

 We are frighteningly close to a police state.

Click HERE for text for Ohio Revised Code, Public Meetings.
Videotaping and Photography Laws

Congressman Steve Chabot
513.684.2723 Cincinnati Office
202.225.2216 Congressional Office

Fight of the Century: Keynes vs. Hayek Round Two

Fantastic vehicle to teach economic theory... suitable for all ages.

Johnny Cashless Sings, "Obama's Prison Blues"

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

US Day of Rage -- Planned NATIONWIDE for September 17

US Day of Rage -- Planned NATIONWIDE for September 17

The US Day of Rage website touts non-violence, yet notice one partner:  European Revolution and also note the hashtags in the Twitter feed, left column.

Wall Street targeted for Britain-style riots. 'Day of rage' aims to 'bring down the stock market'
Posted: August 16, 2011
11:37 pm Eastern
By Aaron Klein
© 2011 WND

Firefighters douse a building destroyed in the initial rioting in Tottenham, North London In the wake of Britain's riots, a group of American radicals are planning a "Day of Rage" targeting Wall Street and U.S. capitalism.

The upcoming protests, replete with a planned tent city in downtown Manhattan, is closely tied to the founders of ACORN and leaders of major U.S. unions, including the Service Employees International Union, or SEIU.

There are indications the protesters are training to incite violence, resist arrest and disrupt the legal system. The protest aims to take root nationwide.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Agenda - Grinding America Down

The Battle Bus color certainly matches the psyche of the Nation after three years of "Hope and Change" and is perhaps a Freudian choice for the president...

Because the Obama Battle Bus is a perfect visual. We're bruised and battered black from three years of abuse, by the administration, by our "representatives" (of both parties) and by the MSM. The same MSM that refuses to report fairly or even completely on any issue that does not fit the progressive, strike that, I refuse to help them distort and obfuscate who they are by dictating my choice of words... by the LIBERAL agenda.

I bruise easily because of the medication I require. It's my experience that bruises go from black to green to yellow as they begin to heal. With the campaign in full-swing -- because it IS a campaign bus -- we can take comfort in the fact that the Obama Battle Bus marks the depths of our abuse. We've survived and the colors and spirit of our Nation will begin to change to reflect the healing of a Presidential Election.

Green for the return to Constitutional Conservatism. Then yellow for the unabashed proclamation of American Exceptionalism and dawn of a new day in America. Think President Reagan's Morning in America, his presidency also following another failed president.

Then the bright clear light of Freedom from Tyranny in only 447 days.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting in Front of Rick Perry from Unified Patriots

While I don't agree with every sentiment in the Unified Patriots opinion piece, it does merit sharing. I do not like many of Governor Perry's actions, re:  illegal immigration. I am in total agreement with the author's over-arching theme that our main goal MUST be to insure that Obama is not reelected next year. Given the current GOP choices, I believe Perry provides the best opportunity to take back the White House.

Partial Excerpt from Unified Patriots:
  'If we have ever needed someone who is unafraid of using the words “God” and “American exceptionalism” in the same sentence at a time when this country faces her worst moments in history, her most oppressive drought of leadership, and her lowest moments of disregard and disrespect from her neighbors, surely we need him now

Click here for full article.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pilgrims' Progress? Author Unknown for Attribution

"Winston, come into the dining room, it's time to eat," Julia yelled to her husband. "In a minute, honey, it's a tie score," he answered.

Actually Winston wasn't very interested in the traditional holiday football game between Detroit and Washington. Ever since the government passed the Civility in Sports Statute of 2017, outlawing tackle football for its "unseemly violence" and the "bad example it sets for the rest of the world", Winston was far less of a football fan than he used to be. Two-hand touch wasn't nearly as exciting.

Yet it wasn't the game that Winston was uninterested in. It was more the thought of eating another Tofu Turkey. Even though it was the best type of VeggieMeat available after the government revised the American Anti-Obesity Act of 2018, adding fowl to the list of federally-forbidden foods, (which already included potatoes, cranberry sauce, and mincemeat pie), it wasn't anything like real turkey.

And ever since the government officially changed the name of "Thanksgiving Day" to "A National Day of Atonement" in 2020, to officially acknowledge the Pilgrims' historically brutal treatment of Native Americans, the holiday had lost a lot of its luster. Eating in the dining room was also a bit daunting. The unearthly gleam of government-mandated fluorescent light bulbs made the Tofu Turkey look even weirder than it actually was, and the room was always cold.

Ever since Congress passed the Power Conservation Act of 2016, mandating all thermostats - which were monitored and controlled by the electric company - be kept at 68 degrees, every room on the north side of the house was barely tolerable throughout the entire winter. Still, it was good getting together with family. Or at least most of the family.

Winston missed his mother, who passed on in October, when she had used up her legal allotment of life-saving medical treatment. He had had many heated conversations with the Regional Health Consortium, spawned when the private insurance market finally went bankrupt, and everyone was forced into the government health care program.

And though he demanded she be kept on her treatment, it was a futile effort. "The RHC's resources are limited", explained the government bureaucrat Winston spoke with on the phone. "Your mother received all the benefits to which she was entitled. I'm sorry for your loss."

Monday, August 8, 2011

Molon Labe

Molon Labe (mo-lone lah-veh), translated to mean, "Come and Get Them."

Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn, who perished in Afghanistan over the weekend, had these two words tatoo'ed on his left arm. The same arm that was cradling his infant daughter, as shown in a photo posted today on The Blaze.

Excerpted text from several Molon Labe sites (bold and underlining are my emphasis):   Molon Labe. Two little words. With these two words, two concepts were verbalized that have lived for nearly two and a half Millennia. They signify and characterize both the heart of the Warrior, and the indomitable spirit of mankind.

In 480 B.C. the forces of the Persian Empire under King Xerxes, numbering, according to Herodotus, two million men, bridged the Hellespont and marched in their myriads to invade and enslave Greece. 

King Leonidas of Sparta and another Greek city-state agreed to help stop the invading Persians, and marched with 300 hand-picked troops to Thermopylae on the north coast of Greece. Thermopylae was the best of three possible defensive areas in which Xerxes' invading army had to advance. This mountain gap along the coast was about 60 feet wide, and was the best location for a blocking action. The confines between mountains and sea were so narrow that the Persian multitudes and their cavalry would be at least partially neutralized. Since the 300 knew they were going to die fighting against overwhelming forces the first requirement was that each man had to have a son left behind.

Oath Keepers » Blog Archive » Quartzsite Police Chief Calls Oath Keepers and Tea Party “Terrorists” and Reports them to the FBI

Oath Keepers » Blog Archive » Quartzsite Police Chief Calls Oath Keepers and Tea Party “Terrorists” and Reports them to the FBI

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Party Like it's 1978

Dow's losing streak unmatched since 1978.

Quick dirty graphic. Almost as bad as the economy... the image is definitely as frightening as what lies ahead for our great Nation.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Patriots! It's time to saddle up again and fight the good fight against an overgrown government that still isn't listening!

Make no mistake - this fight to cut spending is just as important as our fight against Obamacare! Budgets, spending, and debt may not feel as personal as health care, but it is! We've seen how personal it's gotten in Greece, and we know what happens when a nation crumbles under the weight of its bureaucracy.

Because we simply can't afford to be making trips to DC to rally around the Capitol, Tea Party Patriots is hosting a weeklong Virtual Rally. Every day, from Tuesday through Friday, you will find new action items and all of the information and materials you will need to get the job done.

Think about this: To pay for the overspending that government has already overspent, $45,000 in debt is now strapped to the back of each child born in America. To pay for the overspending that government has committed to overspend in the future, but has yet made no provision to pay for, each American household is now on the hook for $528,000.

Believe us, this is personal. Overspending leads directly to fewer jobs. That's real personal.

ACTION ITEMS: Blue Dog Democrats
Tuesday, July 12, 2011

1. Call Blue Dog Democrats today. You can call just one or all of them. It's up to you.
a. Click here for the list and phone numbers. Bonus: Post on their Facebook walls if you have time!
b. Click here for a sample phone script. Feel free to use it as is, edit it, or make up your own!
2. Sign our No Debt Increase petition. Click here to sign the petition.
3. Forward these action items, materials, and petition to every person you know that cares about this country by sending them a link to this page.
4. Post the link to this page on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Bonus: Use the hashtag #stopthebleeding when you tweet about this!

Check every day this week for new action items. And thank you. It is your efforts that will make the difference between hope and despair; success and failure. Go get 'em Patriots!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Honoring Those Who Have Made the Ultimate Sacrifice in the Service of Our Nation

My family has a long history of military service: grandfathers, uncles, father and husband -- ranging from The Great War to the present. I honor and respect our Veterans and their families through shared experiences and continued compassion and prayers.

The lack of understanding by some in the media disturbs me regarding the meaning of Memorial Day vice Veterans Day.

Memorial Day honors those who have fallen in the service of our Nation. Veterans Day honors all Veterans, past and present.

These two links provide an overview of why and how, we celebrate Memorial Day.


Freedom Isn't Free

I watched the flag pass by one day.
It fluttered in the breeze.
A young Marine saluted it,
and then he stood at ease.
I looked at him in uniform
So young, so tall, so proud,
He'd stand out in any crowd.
I thought how many men like him
Had fallen through the years.
How many died on foreign soil?
How many mothers' tears?
How many pilots' planes shot down?
How many died at sea?
How many foxholes were soldiers' graves?
No, freedom isn't free.

I heard the sound of TAPS one night,
When everything was still
I listened to the bugler play
And felt a sudden chill.
I wondered just how many times
That TAPS had meant "Amen,"
When a flag had draped a coffin
Of a brother or a friend.
I thought of all the children,
Of the mothers and the wives,
Of fathers, sons and husbands
With interrupted lives.
I thought about a graveyard
At the bottom of the sea
Of unmarked graves in Arlington.
No, freedom isn't free.

Freedom Isn't Free
Kelly Strong

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tea Party Patriots American Policy Summit, Pathways to Liberty

Tea Party Patriots American Policy Summit
February 25 - 27
Phoenix Convention Center

The Tea Party movement will be two years old in February! We’ve stunned the establishment once, imagine what we can do with the next 40 years!

Join us February 25-27, 2011 - the second anniversary of the Nationwide Tea Party Protests.

Help write the first pages of a new chapter in American history at the American Policy Summit - Pathways to Liberty.

We believe it is every citizen’s duty to defend America’s founding principles. That’s why one of the Tea Party Patriots’ goals is to gain the support of 60% of American citizens for the three core values of Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government, and Free Markets. It has taken the country a long time to get where we are. Now is the time to equip future generations to turn things around—to make wise decisions in elections, exercise their civic duties, and be active and educated about government.
  • Education
  • Politics
  • Judicial
  • Economic
  • Culture
To achieve this goal, we will focus on reforming five key areas in American life, known as the Pathways to Liberty

Who else will be there?

Tea Party Patriots’ American Policy Summit will bring together leading experts, scholars, and political heavyweights. We can’t reveal the speaker line-up yet, but when you hear who will be joining us - you’ll be really glad you have a seat. All presentations and break out sessions will focus on at least one aspect of the Pathways to Liberty. Participants will be armed with specific tools to translate rhetoric into lasting reform.

Virtual Summit ONLY $10 if you Register by February 14

Tea Party Patriots is proud to announce the launch of the Virtual American Policy Summit! You can be a part of history at the inaugural Tea Party Patriots’ American Policy Summit without leaving home. You will be able to watch all the general and breakout sessions live in real time, interact with other attendees, and cast your vote in the Presidential straw poll!

The American Policy Summit will be held in Phoenix, AZ, February 25-27, but if you can’t make it to the event in person, you can still be a part of the action. You have the option of watching all the events live or access the archives to watch previously recorded sessions. Included in the registration fee, all virtual attendees will receive one vote in the Presidential straw poll which will be held Sunday, February 27.

The registration fee for the Virtual American Policy Summit is $35.00, but if you preregister by February 14, you will receive a $25.00 discount! Preregister today and lock in your discounted rate of only $10.00.

To preregister, please CLICK HERE. Once registration is live, all pre-registrants will receive an email with a special registration code enabling you to register for the discounted price of just $10.00. Preregistration will close on February 14, 2011.