Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Congressman Chabot, Republican, OH Directs Cameras be Confiscated at PUBLIC Town Hall Meeting

Some reports indicate the cameras were being used by democratic activists, hoping to post on YouTube to embarrass the congressman based upon his answers to constituent questions. It appears the congressman is quite competent to impeach his oath of office to, "protect and defend the Constitution" and in so doing, embarrass himself.

Much is being made by the left that it was a republican elected official who directed police to confiscate democratic activists' cameras. There was a sign posted that cameras were not allowed for security purposes, supposedly to protect the privacy of individuals attending the event. There were two film crews streaming live. The privacy canard will not work.

I do not care whether it's a liberal, conservative or Martian visitor who holds the camera. It is a public building. The congressman is paid with taxpayers' money. It is not against the law to film a public event. If this illegal restriction is being employed against the left, it will also be used against Constitutional Conservatives.

 We are frighteningly close to a police state.

Click HERE for text for Ohio Revised Code, Public Meetings.
Videotaping and Photography Laws

Congressman Steve Chabot
513.684.2723 Cincinnati Office
202.225.2216 Congressional Office

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