Friday, May 28, 2010

Louisiana Congressman Breaks Down During Hearing

This video of Rep Charlie Melancon (D LA) is very hard to watch, mainly because of this public servant's obvious distress and concern for his constituents, his state, and the environment. If you can watch without crying with him, you are stronger than I...

It's even harder to watch if you've seen any part of Obama's news conference yesterday. He was detached, distanced, disdainful of any impact of the spill except that which affects him personally.

To say that I am concerned for the future of our Nation is an understatement. I am also sad that Americans have elected an Alinskyite, Cloward-Piven "leader" who looks to every crisis as an opportunity to further undermine our Constitution and consolidate power in Washington.

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  1. Do you really think BHO will respond to this Legislator? No way! He wasn't even present at Arlington to place a wreath on our Military's cemetary. We must come together and make a big "Change" in November. I feel so bad for the residents of LA, another tragedy hits them and of course the Feds are on top of it. Being facitious....