Friday, May 7, 2010 - Sen. Shelby: Financial Reform Violates Privacy - Sen. Shelby: Financial Reform Violates Privacy

Pay particular attention to the comment that, "We would fix any problems (related to unreasonable search and seizure) after it's law and if needed." What part of the Constitution do they not understand? We are losing our freedoms at an incredible pace.

This bill will also increase your costs re: credit and debit cards and give merchants more control over fee assessment. Which means your credit union or bank will suffer and will not be able to offer members the lowest fees possible. Just another "hidden" cost of the socialist agenda that is being systematically pushed down the collective throat of the American people.

Not as sinister in presentation but with as much potential for "re-education" efforts... read about Alexandria, VA pending introduction of RFID (tracking chip) recycling bins. The city claims that individuals will not be targeted for education or fines, just neighborhoods. Yeah, right. Click here for complete article.

And don't forget the government proposal to add a black box to every vehicle produced, at a cost of "only" $8 per vehicle. Easy to do now that Obama has taken over GM. While the expense to the automaker is "low" the cost to our freedom of movement and freedom of assembly is immeasurable.

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