Monday, November 7, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Pushes Grandmother Down Stairs at Americans for Prosperity Defending the Dream Summit

I was fortunate to attend the Defending the American Dream summit two years ago but was unable to attend this year. My husband and I have had many conversations about the risk involved in participating in any TEA Party, Patriots or conservative event. And now it has happened. This violence will only escalate during the next 364 days. As law-abiding patriots our only recourse is to effect change at the ballot box. If you're not certain if you should become involved, then this video should be the catalyst to take action. Those who oppose the American Dream, who oppose freedom, who work toward socialism... will try and intimidate us with their rhetoric and with their actions. We must not be deterred by fear.

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  1. Never allow fear to interfer with our freedom. We must stand firm and make sure you vote for conservative legislators.