Friday, November 9, 2012

communist party of America endorses obama's reelection

The United States of America is a representative Republic, we are not a democracy. Our Founders established our Nation in that manner intentionally, to insure that the minority was never at the mercy of the majority.

Unfortunately, when the Executive Branch willfully and flagrantly ignores the Constitution, when the Legislative Branch refuses to do its Constitutional duty and serve as a check to the Executive, and when one Supreme Court Justice manufactures a majority decision upon non-existent arguments...

then we, as a Nation, have stepped into the breach.

A United States election has just been endorsed by the communist party of America. The Soviet Union based its planning upon 100 year goals and boasted repeatedly that the United States would be taken down from within. Our demise has arrived, heralded by citizens who joyfully take advantage of the sacrifice and blood of our military, true American Patriots.

You will read in the CPUS press release that, "Diverse forms of struggle must be employed." Occupy Wall Street was just the beginning. Greece is the template. No community will be immune.

Full communist party of America endorsement of obama may be found at this link.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


In world history, more often than not the bad guys such as Stalin, Mao, Napolean, King George and Obama have won. That's why our Founders gave up everything, risked their lives, their fortunes, their families to flee oppressive governments such as the one we have now. It was to build for themselves what Ronald Reagan called a "shining beacon" of hope on a hill. We lose battles in the fight for liberty from time to time but ultimately the war is worth winning. Author unknown.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Republic, Madam, If you can keep it

The Moochers electing Looters who steal from the Producers.

Who is John Galt?

If you have never read Atlas Shrugged, I'll define. When there are more Americans TAKING than there are MAKING, then the Takers will always vote to make everyone else support them.

We have reached the tipping point.

A Republic, Madam, if you can keep it.

Monday, November 5, 2012

For Love of Country

Expanding upon private emails and conversations...

Landslide: Romney by 7-11% of the popular vote -- I'll go way out and predict 54% to 46% -- and between 313-330 in the electoral college. When I've said that over the last few months, at dinner with friends or at church, I've gotten disbelief, then, "Oh, I hope and pray you're right."

The basis for my belief: 9/12 March on Washington; Restoring Honor Rally; mid-term elections of 2010; Chick-fil-A for Freedom of Speech; TEA Partiers who believe in fiscal conservation, smaller government and free markets; friends, retirees and service members who are watching our Constitution under assault and are ready to respond at the ballot box; testament from people of all faiths who cherish Freedom of Religion; small business owners who truly DID build that and news sites, opinion sites. blogs and comments on stories everywhere that reveal a visceral fear that our Nation has reached its apogee of freedom.

We do not threaten violence upon those who disagree with us nor do we spit vile and vulgar epithets at those who espouse their own beliefs.

We are Americans who do not believe in revenge, we do believe in Love of Country and Constitution.

We are the Silent Majority and we will be silent no more.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Religious Freedom

It's About Religious Freedom. Our First Amendment rights are under attack. I am not Catholic; I do support and greatly appreciate the Catholic church -- and specifically Bishop Jenky's -- defense of every American's God-given freedoms.  

Entire text below or CLICK HERE to visit Bishop Jenky's blog.


Dear Catholic Believers,

Since the foundation of the American Republic and the adoption of the Bill of Rights, I do not think there has ever been a time more threatening to our religious liberty than the present. Neither the president of the United States nor the current majority of the Federal Senate have been willing to even consider the Catholic community’s grave objections to those HHS mandates that would require all Catholic institutions, exempting only our church buildings, to fund abortion, sterilization, and artificial contraception. This assault upon our religious freedom is simply without precedent in the American political and legal system. Contrary to the guarantees embedded in the First Amendment, the HHS mandates attempt to now narrowly define and thereby drastically limit our traditional religious works. They grossly and intentionally intrude upon the deeply held moral convictions that have always guided our Catholic schools, hospitals, and other apostolic ministries.

Nearly two thousand years ago, after our Savior had been bound, beaten, scourged, mocked, and crowned with thorns, a pagan Roman Procurator displayed Jesus to a hostile crowd by sarcastically declaring: “Behold your King.” The mob roared back: “We have no king but Caesar.” Today, Catholic politicians, bureaucrats, and their electoral supporters who callously enable the destruction of innocent human life in the womb also thereby reject Jesus as their Lord. They are objectively guilty of grave sin. For those who hope for salvation, no political loyalty can ever take precedence over loyalty to the Lord Jesus Christ and to his Gospel of Life. God is not mocked, and as the Bible clearly teaches, after this passing instant of life on earth, God’s great mercy in time will give way to God’s perfect judgment in eternity.

I therefore call upon every practicing Catholic in this Diocese to vote. Be faithful to Christ and to your Catholic Faith. May God guide and protect His Holy Church, and may God bless America.

Most Reverend Daniel R. Jenky, CSC

Catholic Bishop of Peoria