Friday, November 9, 2012

communist party of America endorses obama's reelection

The United States of America is a representative Republic, we are not a democracy. Our Founders established our Nation in that manner intentionally, to insure that the minority was never at the mercy of the majority.

Unfortunately, when the Executive Branch willfully and flagrantly ignores the Constitution, when the Legislative Branch refuses to do its Constitutional duty and serve as a check to the Executive, and when one Supreme Court Justice manufactures a majority decision upon non-existent arguments...

then we, as a Nation, have stepped into the breach.

A United States election has just been endorsed by the communist party of America. The Soviet Union based its planning upon 100 year goals and boasted repeatedly that the United States would be taken down from within. Our demise has arrived, heralded by citizens who joyfully take advantage of the sacrifice and blood of our military, true American Patriots.

You will read in the CPUS press release that, "Diverse forms of struggle must be employed." Occupy Wall Street was just the beginning. Greece is the template. No community will be immune.

Full communist party of America endorsement of obama may be found at this link.

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