Monday, November 5, 2012

For Love of Country

Expanding upon private emails and conversations...

Landslide: Romney by 7-11% of the popular vote -- I'll go way out and predict 54% to 46% -- and between 313-330 in the electoral college. When I've said that over the last few months, at dinner with friends or at church, I've gotten disbelief, then, "Oh, I hope and pray you're right."

The basis for my belief: 9/12 March on Washington; Restoring Honor Rally; mid-term elections of 2010; Chick-fil-A for Freedom of Speech; TEA Partiers who believe in fiscal conservation, smaller government and free markets; friends, retirees and service members who are watching our Constitution under assault and are ready to respond at the ballot box; testament from people of all faiths who cherish Freedom of Religion; small business owners who truly DID build that and news sites, opinion sites. blogs and comments on stories everywhere that reveal a visceral fear that our Nation has reached its apogee of freedom.

We do not threaten violence upon those who disagree with us nor do we spit vile and vulgar epithets at those who espouse their own beliefs.

We are Americans who do not believe in revenge, we do believe in Love of Country and Constitution.

We are the Silent Majority and we will be silent no more.

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