Saturday, August 28, 2010

Headed to Restoring Honor Rally but No Live Blogging

Our group got underway at exactly 12:14 a.m. this morning. We got to the parking area at 11:30 and all but two families were already there! Meeting time was 11:30 - to midnight, so we had a very, very motivated group. Everyone as kind and thoughtful in person as they've been in our emails and phone calls.

But... I am sick with a sinus infection, fever and blood pressure is sky high. Saw my doctor today who said "No" to me going at least two dozen times. Which was about 18 more than his "No's" for me going to 912 last year. I'll admit that I was still planning to go, but felt absolutely awful come 11 p.m. with blood pressure still very high. That was the determining factor and with my sister ready to take over bus captain duties, I actually exercised good judgement and did not go. But just to make certain, Jason made me leave my pack and water at the house. He knew when I met everyone and saw the bus, that I'd change my mind and go. He was right, as usual.

So we got everyone checked in, went over what to expect, asked for questions (there were none, this group is fantastic!), offered a short prayer and everyone boarded and were underway on time. Photos below. Will update throughout the morning. Disappointment at not being with our group at the Rally is palpable. But there in spirit, like everyone reading this blog Saturday--

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  1. This was the magnificent experience. After the event we were filled with the message that HONOR begins with each of us. As we reached the metro its line was blocks long. Five attendees and I decided to walk back to our bus at RFK Stadium. We got lost but saw much of the city. We can honestly say we climbed and conquered Capital Hill. After talking to several DC residents, we found our way back to the bus with tired feet but inspired souls.