Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bus Has Arrived at RFK Stadium

They made great time, voted to pass on the breakfast stop since everyone had brought a breakfast as well as sack lunch. My sister has been texting and calling me with updates. And it's a good thing they decided to get in as early as possible because one of the DC Metro lines that serves RFK Stadium to the Mall area is down for scheduled maintenance. The Blue line is down with two trains sharing the same track and massive delays.

So... there are hundreds in their group, walking down C Street to Pennsylvania Avenue (not the best of areas, but safety in numbers and there are police along the way) then to the Mall. They should be safely on Pennsylvania Avenue by now and those who need to, will take a break at the Capitol building before heading towards the Lincoln Memorial.

At risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist -- why scheduled maintenance today? Why are the elevators at Union Station listed as out-of-service for replacement? Why was this not posted earlier? I've been tracking the Metro status with a Droid app for weeks. Wonder what they have in store for us 912?

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