Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Restoring Honor Rally -- 7 Seats Available -- Bus is PAID and We are Confirmed!

Whoo Hoo! We have paid for the bus and we ARE going to the Restoring Honor Rally! Wanted to update everyone on the status so you don't have to worry about transportation.

We have only SEVEN seats left for our Havelock charter. I'll be taking down the PayPal link when we get to five seats available to make sure we don't oversell. I'll continue to update the status under the Havelock bus banner with each purchase.

If you do NOT see a PayPal link, please email or call 252.259.0763 and I'll provide the payment information.

We'll also take names and contact information for a standby list in case we have cancellations.

Please read through our Rally for Checklist information, top tab, for complete details for what to bring for both bus and Rally.

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