Restoring Honor

A Patriot's Report for the Restoring Honor Rally

Good morning all:

I joined 49 others of the local Tea Party organization, "Patriots 28560" for the 8 hour bus trip to Glenn Beck's rally on the mall in Washington. The crowd was spectacular and was the largest assembly I have ever seen. They were literally packed from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument. The estimates I have heard vary form 300,000 to 500,000. We were told that 50 busses were from eastern NC (Raleigh to the coast).

I was most impressed with the conduct of the attendees; most were dressed in patriot clothing, and were EXTREMELY polite and respective of the program. When the national anthem was played, all rose, removed their caps or hats, and stood with right hand over their hearts and sang with others. I was inwardly proud of them. In short, it was a highly refreshing slice of Americana that is not seen at sporting events or in the streets of this nation. They were very courteous and the area was clean when they left.


While there we talked to folks from Texas, California, and Alaska to name just a few.

The centerpiece of the agenda was about God being the only answer for our nation's problems. Very little on politics. There were many speakers including Sarah Palin, who was introduced by Beck, not as a noted politician, but as the mother of a member of the armed forces. Only after this introduction, did he mention her name and the crowd went wild with applause She delivered a highly charged presentation on patriotism and was given tremendous applause when finished.

The event was highly charged and was an inspiration to all who attended.

In the words of Lee Greenwood, "God Bless The USA".

Regards, Skip