Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Battle Bus color certainly matches the psyche of the Nation after three years of "Hope and Change" and is perhaps a Freudian choice for the president...

Because the Obama Battle Bus is a perfect visual. We're bruised and battered black from three years of abuse, by the administration, by our "representatives" (of both parties) and by the MSM. The same MSM that refuses to report fairly or even completely on any issue that does not fit the progressive, strike that, I refuse to help them distort and obfuscate who they are by dictating my choice of words... by the LIBERAL agenda.

I bruise easily because of the medication I require. It's my experience that bruises go from black to green to yellow as they begin to heal. With the campaign in full-swing -- because it IS a campaign bus -- we can take comfort in the fact that the Obama Battle Bus marks the depths of our abuse. We've survived and the colors and spirit of our Nation will begin to change to reflect the healing of a Presidential Election.

Green for the return to Constitutional Conservatism. Then yellow for the unabashed proclamation of American Exceptionalism and dawn of a new day in America. Think President Reagan's Morning in America, his presidency also following another failed president.

Then the bright clear light of Freedom from Tyranny in only 447 days.

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