Wednesday, February 17, 2010

America Saves Week, February 21-28

As concerned citizens, we want our government, at all levels, to spend less, spend wisely and spend based on a balanced budget. Many of us use a written bugdet, most don't spend money we don't have. Government should do the same.

America Saves and Military Saves Week were instituted in 2007, the military campaign sanctioned and supported by the Department of Defense, to encourage individuals and families to save more.

Military Saves supports our troops and their families by involving all levels of leadership in an intentional, sustained effort to create a culture that encourages servicemembers to save and build wealth and avoid the downward spiral of debt. Changing our financial culture is a formidable task and requires everyone to take personal responsibility for adopting a "Military Saver" lifestyle.

Click here to take the Saver Pledge. Links will take you to the America Saves pledge, too. The entire America Saves and Military Saves site contains excellent information.

Please be sure to share, especially with younger families who can benefit so much by budgeting and becoming fiscally responsible at a young age.

Their commitment to personal fiscal responsibility will insure they hold our government to the same standard.

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