Sunday, February 7, 2010

We Are Organized and Ready to Roll!

Our organizational meeting was a success with 21 concerned citizens in attendance. Surveys, business cards and agendas were provided upon sign-in.

Protest signs from last year's New Bern Tax Day Tea Party were on display as well as signs from the Americans for Prosperity Hands Off my Healthcare Bus Tour, August last year. The 912 March on the Capitol, October 2 Americans for Prosperity annual meeting and grassroots training, November 5 Capitol House Call, and December 15 Code Red Rally. A copy of our February 7, 2010 agenda has been posted and linked in right-hand column.

Seven new members will be adding to this blog content as part of our cadre of commentators. We have permissions for up to 100 guest authors. Have something you'd like to contribute? Please join us, then blog away. If you're not ready to take that first step as a new blogger, please comment on our posts and advance the discussion and discourse.

Our next event will be Saturday, February 27, a 2 p.m. FREE matinee screening of Tea Party: The Documentary Film. We were fortunate to see a preview of the Tea Party Movie on the charter buses to the Code Red Rally December 15 -- and it is exceptional.

The February 27 screening is a nationwide event to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Tea Party Movement and to emphasize that in spite of main stream media reports to the contrary, the movement is alive, well and LOCAL.

An RSVP link for the Tea Party Movie has been added, top left column. Plan to join us. And bring five friends as well as enough popcorn and soft drinks to satisfy your family!

Please watch for our press release that will be provided to various local media.

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