Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Principles, or Politics as Usual? NRSC Refuses to Support O'Donnell

I watched Karl Rove on Hannity last night and was disgusted by his pettiness, petulance, and political deafness when discussing the repercussions of Christine O'Donnell's (Delaware) primary win last night.

How dare the political elites of the Republican party try and negate "We the People's" choice in a Republican primary.

How dare they empower the opponents of our founding principles and Constitution by employing the same politics of division and class warfare that are used to such effect by the party currently in power.

How dare they withhold Republican funding from a duly elected Republican candidate when those funds were solicited from  Republican donors.

How dare they run a certifiable northeastern RINO, who voted for Cap and Trade, voted for the Stimulus Package, voted for legislation that would have allowed for the investigation and impeachment of President George W. Bush... then after trying to hobble us with such a candidate, accuse US of being the cause of their predictions of loss in the general election.

How dare they present an aged insider as "change" for Delaware and for our Nation. Those who read this blog know I have the greatest respect for my elders, for our Greatest Generation, for the experience gained by age. But this year, this election, the specter of the aged Castle, shuffling toward the camera in one widely played video, Castle's image conjures a Nation in decline.

And how dare they roll out the same old tired, fear-mongering mantra of "If you vote on principle, you'll never gain the majority. It's better to elect a Republican and have the majority, then work to effect change from that position of power."

Because we all know that's worked so well with Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe. Conservatives can count on those two Castle-mold RINOs to support the Constitution, to block socialist Supreme Court nominees, and to interpret the General Welfare Clause in favor of We the People rather than We the Statists. Yes, of course, conservatives should have absolutely bowed to the Republican elites' choice of candidate.

I have already donated to Christine O'Donnell's campaign. 

I have donated to many candidates over this primary season, bypassing the NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee) and GOP and empowering individual candidates directly. I will make my voice heard beyond North Carolina, with my cash, with my time, and with this blog.

I consider every Republican attack on a conservative, Constitutionalist candidate to be an attack on MY values, MY choices, and MY determination to turn our Nation back to its founding principles.

Stand firm on principles and our Nation wins in November.

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