Monday, September 20, 2010

Obama Plans Ad Attack upon the TEA Party

Click HERE for New Yorks Times article.

The White House is considering national advertisements depicting TEA Party members as extremists in an effort to energize its base. This following Obama's remarks to an entirely black coalition this weekend, urging members to "Protect the Change." We hear accusations of racism constantly, yet Obama and his surrogates are always the ones who see -- and USE -- color as a weapon of derision and division.

As a co-founder of Patriots 28560, a TEA Party group, I can attest to having the great privilege of meeting nothing but polite, kind, compassionate and concerned fellow citizens. Always respectful of others and of our great Founders and Founding Documents. And always passionate.

If the White House pursues this stategy, of attack upon The TEA Party and by extension, an attack upon you and I, average citizens who simply want to guarantee the future of our great Nation, if the democratic political machine adopts this orchestrated, negative campaign... then they will be cementing their loss of both Houses of Congress November 2.

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