Friday, September 3, 2010

Americans for Prosperity Phone for Freedom and Make a Difference

Update from AFP President TIm Phillips:

How committed are we to taking our nation in a different direction? Will we give our most precious resource -- our time -- to the cause of freedom?

I'm asking you to do just that -- and what I'm asking you to do can be done from your home on your own time.

Here's my request: commit now to making at least 25 calls to citizens in key parts of the country beginning next Thursday. BY CLICKING HERE.

Through our November is Coming effort, Americans for Prosperity has built one of the best databases in the nation. You can use our website to log in and then call fellow Americans in crucial areas of the nation.

We provide the scripts. We provide the lists of citizens. If you use your home phone there is no charge to you even if the calls are long distance. You can choose when to make your calls (between 10am and 8pm are the limits).

Just CLICK HERE to go to our site to sign up for our at home "Freedom Phone" effort.

Okay, AFP is a free market organization (maybe that's why President Obama and the Left consistently attacks us by name!) so we'll throw in an incentive. If you make these 25 "Freedom Phone" calls we will send you our most popular T-Shirt (CLICK here to see our November is Coming shirts)

Signing up for AFP's "Freedom Phone" effort is fast and easy. Learning to make the calls is easy too.

Not long ago, I logged onto our AFP database and made calls in my home state of Virginia. It was exciting and fun. People were more than willing to talk with me. They're deeply concerned about what's happening in our nation: all the wasteful spending, all the Washington, DC arrogance, and all the big government growth - they want to make a difference.

Yes, we're all busy. I know that. But, in Grand Junction, Colorado I spoke with a single mom with 3 kids who had already made literally dozens of these calls. She told me that "it's the least I can do." That's commitment. She also mentioned that she's kind of shy and being on the phone is a lot easier for her than going in person to someone's door!

These "Freedom Phone" calls are absolutely essential. When our fellow citizens hear from volunteers like you who are giving their time because they care so much about our nation it makes a huge difference. Studies have repeatedly shown that in this day and age Americans trust "people like them" more than they trust TV or the internet when it comes to views they find credible. That's where YOU come in.

Today, the news media reported on the final speech of President Obama's outgoing economic advisor. What Ms. Romer said helps explain why our economy is so bad. Defending the failed $814 billion stimulus boondoggle she actually said, "there is widespread agreement that the act (Stimulus bill) is broadly on track."

What planet is this lady on? Jobless claims are through the roof, unemployment is still almost 10% with 500,000 initial jobless claims, the stock market is plunging again, existing home sales fell 27% in August and new home sales fell 12% (always a key economic indicator), automobile sales fell 25% in August (we knew government run "cash for clunkers" was not genuine prosperity). I could go on.

Is the President's top economist leaving to go back to business in the private sector? Uh, no. She's going back to her academic perch at the University of California-Berkley. At least we just figured out the planet.

Americans are siding with us on the key economic issues. It's why President Obama's approval rating now stands at just 41%. It's why a majority of Americans want to REPEAL the health care takeover before it even takes effect. It's why cap-and-trade and the entire radical environmental agenda is being rejected across our nation.

Our job is to keep up the heat -- to continue talking to our fellow Americans, winning them to our side and telling them there's a better direction for our nation.

You can do that through AFP's at home "Freedom Phone" effort.

25 calls -- that's what I'm asking you to do for freedom. Join our at home "Freedom Phone" effort now by CLICKNG HERE.

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