Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"We Make it Possible" DNC Motto for Charlotte Convention

Like many other Breitbart readers, I thought the "We Make it Possible" headline was a joke. But it's not. Obama is building (no pun intended) upon his "You didn't build that" statement and making it the mantra for the convention.

Newsflash to Obama and the DNC:  We the People WORK and PRODUCE. Government TAKES and DISTRIBUTES. 

The only reason Obama -- meaning the administration, government agencies, and so-called non-profit (recipients of government grants), non-profit organizations -- the only reason they "Make it Possible" is because WE pay confiscatory taxes.

WE build the businesses. Government taxes not only profits, but everything from investment to disbursement to death. We employ people and pay wages and salaries. Our employees pay taxes on their earnings, spend their wages and are taxed upon their purchases.

Yes. We built it and we make it possible.

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