Monday, September 3, 2012

Paul Ryan Victory Rally in Greenville

Went to the Paul Ryan Victory Rally in Greenville today. Drove almost two hours, then stood in line for 3 1/2 hours. Main venue held 2,100, room for another 800 in the auditorium to watch a live video feed. I was within about 45 people of getting into the live event when they shut the doors. At capacity. My sister had already opted for the auditorium after we'd been told we probably wouldn't get in. She held a seat for me, but then I couldn't get into there, either, when everyone in line made a beeline to that building.

That was actually a GREAT turn of events because I found myself at the front of a crowd of several thousand who were milling and not wanting to leave... when we were told Congressman Ryan would come out after his presentation and thank us for waiting. I was on the front line against the barricade with thousands behind me and about 12 feet from Ryan. He stood in the back of a truck, secret service everywhere, of course, and shared a condensed version of what he had covered inside. We were all disappointed when he didn't come over to the barricades to shake hands, but went right into the auditorium to thank that group.

I recorded his impromptu remarks to our crowd and will post the video and photos tomorrow.

Our local (early) news are reporting that Ryan spoke to a crowd of about 2,100 today. Yes, that's technically correct. There were 2,100 in the live venue, another 800 in the auditorium, about 2,000 of us who just didn't want to leave and got lucky.

And since the line circled the student center, then trailed over eight blocks... I (and many others) estimate the number of people who WANTED to hear Congressman Ryan to be between 10,000 and 12,000 strong.

The photos will show all ages in attendance:  babies, toddlers, kids, ECU students (lots), young parents, working age (We built it!), retirees, and many elderly. Photos don't lie, much to the chagrin of the lame stream media.

Oh, and there were 11 college democrats who were holding signs near the entry to the main building. There were chants of USA, Romney, and Romney-Ryan and when we got closer, being the activist and (conservative) community organizer that I am...

I went up and down a small section of the line in front of the protesters and got everyone singing "God Bless America." Twice! It was great.

One small group of Americans (11 protesters) wanting free birth control and low or no-interest Pell Grants and everything free, free, free.

The other group of Americans (let's call it 11,000 to make it easy to figure ratios), another MAJORITY of Americans just wanting to preserve our -- freedom.

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