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Obama's Bill of Rights for GOVERNMENT???

Bill of rights for government?
July 25, 7:25 PM
Conservative Examiner
Anthony G. Martin

While serving in the U.S. Senate prior to his run for the Presidency, and even during the campaign for the White House in '08, Barack Obama repeatedly expressed little regard for the Constitution, except for what he referred to as a 'respect for the Founding documents.'

Yet Obama made it clear that these 'founding documents' had little relevance to his program for America, and even went as far as to state that the Constitution is 'flawed.'

His reasoning is now well-known. First, he decried the fact that the Constitution does not mandate 'redistribution of wealth,' an admission that shows not only does the President know full well that such a philosophy is entirely antithetical to everything for which the Constitution stands but that he is aware that his program for America is a plan that will have great difficulty passing the Constitutional muster.

The courts have yet to decide. But those cases are coming down the pike.

Second, Obama asserted that the biggest problem with the Constitution is that its Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments, place limits on government power. He then went further to suggest a horrific concept that should serve as a clear warning signal to anyone who values freedom--he would prefer that the Constitution affirm the rights of GOVERNMENT.

This is the smoking gun, the big enchilada, the proof positive that Obama and like-minded Leftists, Socialists, Marxists, Fascists, whatever you wish to call them, do not value at all the concept that citizens should be protected from government power but actually advocate for the rights of government rather than the rights of individuals.

Given this shocking fact, the following is perhaps a little foretaste, a prediction based on fact, an observation as to what the Obama minions would prefer in such a 'government bill of rights.

1. Congress shall pass no law restricting the power of government to limit the speech of citizens, limit their religious activity, prevent them from gathering in large groups to protest, or mandating the press to report only what the government deems to be 'appropriate' through its approved outlets in the mainstream media.

2. The right of the federal government to register, microstamp, restrict, ban, and/or confiscate firearms and ammunition from citizens shall not be infringed.

3. Given that the concept of 'private property' prevents government from exercising its ultimate right to regulate, restrict, and even confiscate certain lands and buildings for the 'greater public good,' the citizens should have no reasonable expectation that property belongs to anyone except the federal government and its approved central banks that hold the mortgages and notes.

4. Government has the ultimate right to protect the public health. Therefore, tax-subsidized healthcare will be provided to all citizens. Citizens will be expected to obey government guidelines for their own health, refraining from the consumption of foods that the central authority deems to be 'bad for the public health.' In addition, given that obesity is a troublesome public health issue, the body-mass index of all citizens will be entered into the central record for possible further monitoring and/or restrictions in the future.

5. Congress shall make no law restricting the ultimate right of the federal government to determine quality of life issues based upon cost, expectation of recovery from illness, and age-specific expenditures that make certain individuals too costly to treat. These decisions are final and are not subject to legal recourse.

6. Due to the fact that freedom of choice and lifestyle has led to numerous abuses of the environment and have brought the globe to the brink of permanent destruction as a result of the global warming caused only by the activities of citizens, the right of government to restrict, regulate, tax, and mandate human behavior in the areas of energy consumption and carbon emissions, including mandates on the types of energy that should be used, shall not be infringed. This natural, inherent government right extends to enacting restrictions on travel and the types of transportation allowed. The government reserves the right to shut down any industry that is deemed to be 'too dangerous to the environment,' as well as shutting off the energy grid that controls thermostats in homes and offices, as the central authority deems necessary.

7. The federal government alone has the right to make its own rules regarding its own behavior. Such rules and regulations are not necessarily intended to mirror the rules and regulations under which citizens must live.

8. The federal government alone has the right to determine which corporations are necessary to the smooth functioning of society, and such businesses and industries will have the full protection and funding of the federal government, as provided by taxpayers.

9. Citizens have no right to privacy. Only government has such a right. Government can keep its decisions and activities private, given their sensitive nature. Citizens should have no expectation that their emails, bank accounts, gold coins, cell phones, or other such possessions and activities will not be closely monitored by the central authority.

10. The several states are but an arm of the federal government and draw what power they have from the central authority. States shall make no law that is determined by the central authority to be counter to the intentions of the federal government. Any state enacting such a law without the approval of the central authority shall be subject to the full and substantial legal retribution at the disposal of the central authority.

Do you 'get it' yet? The concepts delineated above have all proceeded from the mouths of the Obama minions, including Democrat members of Congress, over a period of months. Put them together and the result is the nightmarish 'government bill of rights' as cited above.

Do you still actually believe these people are simply 'harmless liberals' with whom we can sit around having a friendly debate?

Liberty cannot compromise with those who seek to kill liberty.

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