Thursday, April 22, 2010

Call Bail-Out Bob Corker, R, TN -- NOW

Senator Bob Corker, R, TN, has reached out to Dodd to "help make the financial reform bill" better. We need to call his offices now and tell him to stop the madness. Even Snowe and Collins have vowed to filibuster this bill.

Corker can be the vote to keep the bill alive, or kill it.

We need to call his offices now and tell him to vote no, stop working with the democrats, and kill this bill. It doesn't matter where you live. Call NOW and use the Share buttons on this site to send this to family and friends. Congress is WILLINGLY giving up its constitutionally-mandated oversight by ceding all authority to the executive branch. This is madness.

Nashville 615-279-8125
Knoxville 865-637-4180
Memphis 901-683-1910
Chattanooga 423-756-2757
Tri-Cities 423-323-1252
Jackson 731-424-9655
Washington DC 202-224-3344

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