Monday, March 8, 2010

WW II Veteran's Juggernaut Campaign to STOP the Health Care Takeover

Bert Burnette, Oriental, NC has proven and perfected the Juggernaut Campaign, first implemented for the 912 March on the Capitol. Read a complete overview of Bert's 912 success as reported by the County Compass.

Now we can help Bert STOP the politicians' unprecedented attempt to usurp power and circumvent the will of We the People in their health care takeover attempt.

It's simple. Inexpensive. And extremely effective because it is so VISUAL. Almost as good as seeing 1.5 million people surrounding the United States Capitol.


You can send this to DC and to your representative's local offices. For North Carolinians -- you can download and print a PDF file from NC Freedom with Senator Kay Hagan's address HERE. Other representatives / states, click here for an already-formatted list (mailing labels) for EVERY House member. Senate address list available HERE.

WE'RE ALMOST OUT OF TIME. Please help us make a stand. NOW. Forward this to a friend. Use the Share button. Add to your Facebook account. Favorite it on YouTube. Tweet and reTweet. Send to the top conservatives on Twitter.

Don't know how to set-up a Twitter account? Visit our How To tab and watch a short You Tube video. It's easy. Do it now. Please.

Don't know who to send to once you have a Twitter account? Visit our Juggernaut tab for a complete overview as well as information for the top conservatives on Twitter. And Patriots 28560 has already tweeted the link to this story. Create your account and reTweet. It's that simple.

We can make the Juggernaut Campaign go viral and we need your help to make it happen. That can only be done using social media, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Ning, anything and everything to get the word out. Create enough activity that we attract the attention of top-level national conservatives who can help us flood the Capitol and state offices with milk jugs to show our contempt for this takeover.

We need to use every weapon in our arsenal of non-violent EFFECTIVE protest. Help us launch the Juggernaut Campaign TODAY. Share and forward NOW.

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