Thursday, October 14, 2010

To Co-opt a Campaign Slogan: I am "FIRED UP and READY to GO!"

Vote, that is!!!

I am driving my husband nuts. I was ready to go cast my early vote at 8 a.m. this morning. He has work to do first... So I called my sister and woke her up. Had to DO something til I can actually GO VOTE.

I haven't been this excited, enthusiastic, energetic about voting since I cast my very first vote for Ronald Reagan. He was our only hope to replace, repeal and reform the failed policies of Jimmy (malaise) Carter.

And the CHANGE that conservative, TEA Party activists are about to effect in this mid-term election will be equally monumental in saving our Nation from the statist policies of this "Carter Two" Obama administration.

Let's make the turnout for NC early voting the largest this state has ever seen.

Vote EARLY -- and remind your liberal friends to vote only once! CLICK HERE for an investigative news article exposing ACORN and registered voters Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.

And once you've voted, don't relax, make calls, knock on doors, offer transportation for those who need a little help.

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