Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Left Calls this Hate Speech and "Lewd" -- What Part of the First Amendment Do They Not Understand?

From the article: Some argue that the image was not appropriate for public display. "If it offends people, you do have a certain obligation to take it down because little kids see that," says Crystal Kitzman, who says she thought the sign was lewd. End quoted text.

Definition of lewd ( lustful; wicked, vulgar, obscene. ( sexually unchaste or licentious; obscene, vulgar.

And as for her "if it offends people you have a certain obligation to take it down" comment.

Really. The liberal left movies, books, photos and characterization of President Bush offended me, and millions of other Americans. As did their treatment of Ronald Reagan and other conservative leaders.

As does their continued use of the extremely LEWD (vulgar, obscene) use of the pejorative "Tea Bagger" when referring to TEA Party activists who are simply exercising our right to free speech and freedom of assembly in the service of our Nation.

It also offends me that the liberal left has threatened violence upon the owner of the billboard and his wife, simply because "progressives" do not like the message.

Truth hurts, doesn't it? And it will hurt even more November 2, 2010 and November 6, 2012.

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