Sunday, August 26, 2012

Saw the Film, 2016: Obama's America

Saw 2016: Obama's America film yesterday. Theater was 90% full, cars parked on the grass, lot was over-flowing, lines queued up for the next showing. The film was showing in 2/3 LESS theaters nationwide than other movies, and still placed at #4 for Saturday sales. All ages represented at our theater, not just TEA Party Patriots, or as the left would posit, it was all tea baggers in attendance.

Yep, when no rational arguments work, resort to vile Ad Hominem attacks...

I've had the uncomfortable task of explaining the "tea bagger" label much more often than I'd wish on anyone. Can you imagine explaining what a tea bagger behavior entails to a couple in their 60s, 70s, 80s... who have worked hard, paid taxes, employed people, served their country in war-time and in peace and raised a family?

Try it. Try explaining what has happened to our great Nation... that patriotic Americans are attacked in such a manner. For love of country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to the film...

The case for what a 2016 Obama's America might look like was made using sound-bites in Obama's own words, as well as Pelosi (derisive laughter and hisses from the audience at her statement that we, "have to pass it to find out what's in it").

Generations will look back upon us as less than ignorant.

The film is chilling... even if you're an informed citizen, and it's not an anti-Obama film. It's fact, based upon Obama's own words and testimony for what his plan is for our great REPUBLIC.

We are NOT a democracy, thank God.

The film, 2016: Obama's America, postulates that while Obama is an American citizen, his life experiences are not in line with those of most Americans. I wrote a blog post to that effect, June 23, 2010, and I am among millions who have stated the same belief, a conclusion based upon Obama's statements and actions. From 2010:

"But the president spent the most formative years of his childhood in the company of communists, invited into his home as beloved family members. He lived in a communist nation, Indonesia, still home to the largest muslim population in the world. His values do not align with those of most Americans; his cultural identity is not that of an American."

I highly recommend seeing this film... and taking two or three friends with you.

Post from 2010:  Once to Every Man and Nation.

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