Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How Do You Rank the "Death of a Nation"?

Watched our 2010 election countdown clock roll over to all zeros. Whoo Hoo!!! D-Day, Armageddon, Moment of Truth, Moment of Salvation... is finally here.

Actually turned the computer back on to add this because we just watched Hannity's repeat segment with Kirsten Powers and Margaret Hoover. Kirsten was defending socialism -- sorry, defending the Obama Administration -- with her pronouncements that "...the American people put healthcare at number three in their reasons for voting this election cycle". Margaret disagreed, of course, as do I.

Because how do you rank the top three reasons to vote against anyone who supports Obama's DNR (Do not Resuscitate) Plan for America?

Let's see... why should I vote for a Conservative Constitutionalist and against Obama and his minions?

Number One: Obama and his supporters believe in the Death of Liberty (forcing American citizens to purchase health insurance).

Number Two: Obama and his supporters believe in the Death of Free Markets (Government Motors, Financial Bailouts {"too big to fail" on steroids}, Student Loans, and on-and-on-and-on)

Number Three: Obama and his supporters believe in the Death of United States Sovereignty (OUR Justice Department sending in observers to monitor Arizona elections to insure illegal aliens are not harassed by American citizens who seek to prevent voter fraud).

Kirsten's statement that, "Healthcare reform ranks number three in importance in polling data" this election is disingenuous at best. Because how DOES one rate and rank the Death of a Nation???

I cannot answer that question, but I can provide the remedy.

Vote for the conservative candidate who supports the United States Constitution. Vote against any candidate who has EVER voted with or for any program put forth by Obama.

Join us, and other TEA Party Patriots as we participate in a Stake Your Claim ceremony Election Day. Patriots across the Nation will plant American and Gadsden flags at state capitols to serve notice that we WILL hold our newly elected officials accountable.

Fly your American flag -- and your Gadsden flag -- and send a message to our elected representatives that We the People are not going away.

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