Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kagan Hearings Begin Monday -- Time to ACT

Click here for contact information for Senate Judiciary Committee members. It's time to call, fax, email, write, call, and OPPOSE Kagan's appointment. Republicans MUST filibuster this nomination.

Conservatives are abrogating their responsibility to the Constitution by not blocking a nominee who ascribes to the Living Constitution Theory!

Links for additional details:

Kagan has many achievements, but her world has been relatively narrow.
The Washington Post

Kagan sought secrecy in 4 out of 5 open government cases.
Sharon Theimer, AP

Kagan's threat to gun owners.
Nominee has a past that is opposed to self defense.
The Washington Times

Kagan said she was "Not sympathetic" toward gun rights claim.
Comment to Justice Thurgood Marshall when she served as a Supreme Court law clerk in 1987.

Kagan: Military recruiting controversy dogged her as dean at Harvard.
CNN Politics

Advocacy groups reveiw Kagan's abortion-rights records as hearings approach.
Medical News Today

Kagan's abortion stance has both sides guessing.
Los Angeles Times

Republicans plan to question Kagan's experiene as judge, courtroom lawyer.

Clinton files show Kagan advocated cloning for human research.
The American Spectator

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